Carmen's Gardens ...

started as a simple project with a few herbs for cooking outside my kitchen door.  As the main garden expanded, the volume of herbs produced increased.  I cooked with them, gave them as gifts, and stored them.  It became obvious … I was an herb hoarder.

I needed a productive outlet for my herbs.  I was given a soap making class as a present.  I started small.  Several batches of soap for myself, family, and friends.  The reviews were overwhelming!  Everyone enjoyed the rich lather and moisturizing qualities of the soap.  It was an afterthought to add the herbs to the soap.  But why not?  The herbs gave the soap color, texture, and a fragrance.  By adding the herbs to my soap, I was able to incorporate my surroundings and a small part of myself into each bar.  And the addition made my products personal and reflected my passion for land and water sustainability.

Since my first experiments, I have expanded my wares to include handcrafted lotions, lotion bars, bath scrubs and salts, lip balm, and Why Chafe?  

Please peruse through the products and definitions listed on the site as you would a garden on a warm sunny day.  Enjoy!

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